Juki 2280-7

$ 3,450.00$ 3,575.00



Used Full Function Juki 2280-7220 Volt SC 1 Juki servo motor


    • Estimated Freight charges to West coast $550
    • Estimated Freight Charges to East Coast $385
    • Resident Lift Gate Add $150 to above


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The sewing machine produces soft seams with consistency with a low tension applied to the thread even when it runs at a high speed.

A market-proven titanium-finished hook and rotary thread take-up lever have been adopted. This allows the machine to produce high-quality and consistent seams when an extra low tension is applied to the thread. The combination of the hook and the thread take-up lever prevents stitch skipping and thread breakage under the high-speed sewing and provides responsiveness to thread changing. A broad range of thread types such as synthetic thread, spun thread and cotton thread can be used.

The highly reliable machine head is structured to reduce operating noise and prevent oil leakage

The machine ensures easy adjustment of zigzag width and feed pitch

The shape of the machine frame is designed to reduce vibration and noise during sewing. By applying three safeguards in the machine’s design, oil leakage is completely eliminated. The shape of the machine arm is designed to prevent oil from gathering, the direct oil- circulation method is adopted to circulate the oil directly from the oil sight window to the oil pan, and a high-quality packing is incorporated. In addition, a bobbin thread winder is built in at a position that permits easy bobbin winding.

A special dial with a built-in lever for adjusting zigzag width is adopted for easier handling The machine is also provided with a lever for changing the needle-throwing position that makes it convenient to set the sewing position from the material edge. This enables the operator to minutely adjust the needle-throwing position without re- adjusting the positions of other components such as the guides and binders. In addition, the machine is provided with a denser stitching mechanism for fastening stitches.

The machine comes with a micro-lift mechanism

Thanks to the micro-lift mechanism, the rise of the presser foot can be finely adjusted using a screwdriver. This will prove effective when you need to perform sewing operations with the presser foot kept in a slightly raised position such as when reinforcing the material or attaching tapes.

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