KEC 300U

Introducing  KEC 300U

Built to the Old Specs of the Singer 300W

Screws,  plates,  Loopers,  Links   All matches up

• Semi-automatic lubrication system.
• Presser foot lifting by foot pedal.
• Reduced noise level and new graphic.
• Two individual adjustable upper puller feed rolls. (302U)
• Close-coupled gear driven puller feed with needle feed. (302U)

    • Estimated Freight charges to West coast $550
    • Estimated Freight Charges to East Coast $385
    • Resident Lift Gate Add $150 to above


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Two Thread Chain-stitch,
Single Needle, Two Needle, and Four Needle,
Flat Bed and Tubular Bed Machines
General Application
• General stitching on medium and heavy materials
General Specifications
• Bed dimens ions:
Length: 19 1
/ 2″ (495mm)
Width: 7″ (178mm)

Girth at needle area: 16″ (406mm)
Space to right of needle bar centre line: 1 0″ (254mm)
Space to left of needle bar centre line to edge of bed: 2 1
/ 4 ” (57.2mm)
Height of bed above table: 7″ (178mm)
standard needle bar stroke is 31.7 mm

High lift is 36.5 spec
Clear space to right of centre line of needle bar: 1 0″ (254mm)
Space to left of needle bar centre line to edge of bed: 0.27″ (6.9mm)

• Needle Cat. No. 3260-01 (Except 300U 1 03, 203, 194, 300S)
No.4112-0 1 (300U 1 03, 203, 194, 300S)