1/2 hp clutch motor

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  • 110V 1/2HP Clutch Motor

    $ 155.00


    E-Z CLUTCH MOTORS (pictured at left) feature: 1/2 h.p.; built-in, pre-wired 6 volt plug-in receptacle; fully enclosed pulley guard which meets OSHA requirements; vibrationless table mounts and built-in adjustable belt tightener; swivel mounted clutch head; extra heavy flywheel; and standard Amco-style 3/4″ bore pulleys. A push button switch box is included free with all sigle phase (110 v.) motors.

    You Choose!     1725 RPM 0r 3450RPM

    Comes complete with plug, wire and switch

    1/2 HORSE

    110volt    (great for in home use)!!!

    Please make sure of the RPM and voltage when placing your order!!!!