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Continuous flow manufacturing: once a product starts in manufacturing, it does not stop until completed

    • Handled by standing, moving multi-functional team: members cover zone including several operations; know part of adjacent zones to cover for absenteeism, process time variability; members never wait for work, and work never sits idle
    • Eliminates individual pick-ups, disposals at every operation as in single operation focus batch production; reduces SAMs
    • Throughput time equals processing time; quickest response for customer service, make-to-order
    • Line always balanced: optimum efficiency (average 50% productivity improvement versus batch)
    • Team produces one-at-a-time; minimum W-I-P – typically one unit per person except unit(s) left in cycling machine(s) Implements advanced adaptation (trademarked
TSS) of the highly successful Toyota Production System, tailored to Western plants. System learned in Japan from Toyota affiliate and developer of system, Aisin Seiki, maker of parts for Toyota Premier, total-capability team production systems company in the Americas Has developed unique equipment to support TSS and lean manufacturing; ensure optimum productivity, ergonomics, reliability Distributor/OEM for various “lean processing” machinery and productivity devices to ensure economical access for clients to necessary equipment