Brother 430F

$ 5,050.00$ 5,175.00

Electronic direct drive lockstitch bar tacker

Overwhelmingly Superior Productivity with the World’s Fastest Cycle Time


Ideal thread take-up for each, light and heavy materials

In addition to the recognized the stability of thread tightenung for heavy materials, the best suitable thread take-up is newly added, which can be used from light materials to medium materials. It greatly improve sewing quality for light materials.

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    • Estimated Freight Charges to East Coast $385
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Brother KE 430F


Less thread cast-off and bird nest at the sewing start

Newly added thread trimming function which cuts threads after the
upper shaft is stopped can steady the thread end length. Improved nipper decreases thread cast-off and bird nest at the sewing start.

Digital Tension as a standard equipment

Digital Tension is equipped as standard so you can adjust the tension as appropriate for the material being sewn. No more rely on individual feel. It keeps tension evenly when operators change over, realizing stable sewing quality. Digital Tension is easily adjusted on the operation panel, which is useful for operators who
are familiar with screwed-type adjustment. Changing the thread tension can be added on the sewing programs.

Program setting

Sewing patterns, X-scale, Y-scale, sewing speed and upper thread tension can be memorized as user programs.
Program No.1-89(BE-438F:No.1-64) have been preset into the sewing machine. Up to 512 kinds of patterns can be added and all items can be set freely to program No. 200-999.

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